Kürzel Land Euro
DE Germany 25,-
BE Belgium 35,-
DK Denmark 40,-
FI Finland 80,-
FR France 60,-
GR Greece 85,-
IE Ireland 80,-
IT Italy 60,-
LI Liechtenstein 115,-
LU Luxemburg 35,-
NL Netherlands 35,-
AT Austria 40,-
PL Poland 80,-
PT Portugal 80,-
SE Sweden 80,-
SK Slovakia 80,-
ES Spain 80,-
CZ Czech Republic 80,-
HU Hungary 80,-
CH Switzerland 115,-
JP Japan 310,-
CA Canada 310,-
NO Norway 120,-
RU Russian Federation 140,-
US USA 310,-

This page provides information about our delivery terms. Please note that we send to island addresses only upon specific request and additional delivery surcharges will be applied.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, the prices listed adjacently are the delivery costs for the specified country. The prices are retail prices and include 19% VAT for EU members.

The merchandise is usually shipped the day after the purchase.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.